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Through our security consulting services, we can help deepen the electronic relationships that fuel your business. iTrust security services address the enterprise security lifecycle from strategy to incident readiness, with a continuous focus on mitigating risks and maximising business objectives.

Vast amounts of critical information resides on your mainframe, stored within secure directories such as RACF, CA-ACF2, and CA-TopSecret. The Rocket LDAP Bridge untaps the potential of your IBM z/OS system by allowing you to extend your mainframe data to any enterprise-level identity management, access control, provisioning, or single sign-on application.

Ability to conduct business securely from where ever you are is now essential. iTrust Wireless & mobile technologies allow your workforce to work effectively in the field and at the office.

Our Digital Smart cards solutions can allow your staff secure access to physical buildings as well as access to corporate IT accounts on Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Digital Signatures on the cards can allow secure document exchange with digital electronic signatures on documents and allow single sign on to numerous applications.

Secure Emails can ensure that sensitive communications cannot be seen. Secure Emails reduce the need for paperwork whilst speeding up business processes. Emails with digital signatures can ensure that documents are legally biding and conform as a binding contract the court of law.

Authentication tokens or smart cards can ensure an added level of security. Used in conjunction with usernames and password the token or smart card can help in identifying that you are who you say you are.

Access Control allows users restricted access to corporate resources such as files, applications etc.. Web Access Control technology solutions from iTrust Security can allow internet visitors to access your resources with varying levels of access control. Biometric Access Control can allow finger print or an Iris Scan that gives access to sensitive facilities or corporate data to authorised persons only.

Secure Document Management technology allows companies to deliver, open and agree to contractual agreements digitally. iTrust can demonstrate a rapid return on investment in deploying this technology. Documents are encrypted and digitally managed and can only be seen by intended recipients.

SSL VPN's allows remote workers and field staff to access corporate resources through a virtual private network that build an end to end connection over an internet session but secured through SSL encryptions. This makes snooping very difficult with data inside the VPN being digitally encrypted.

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